Avril Lavigne Releases Her New Album ‘Love Sux’

Avril Lavigne took her official Twitter account to announce that her long-awaited new album, titled ‘Love Sux,’ featuring notable names like Mark Hoppus, Blackbear, and Machine Gun Kelly, is now out on various streaming services.

Lavigne’s sixth studio album, ‘Head Above Water,’ was released in 2019, and her fans have been waiting for a new record to arrive after three years of break. She was working on the new album for a while. After announcing in November 2021 that she had signed with Travis Barker’s label DTA Records, she released the first single off her upcoming album, ‘Bite Me,’ on November 10, 2021.

On January 13, 2022, Lavigne shared the good news with the fans by announcing that her new seventh studio album, ‘Love Sux,’ would be finally released on February 25, 2022. Then, she released a new single from the album, named ‘Love It When You Hate Me,’ on January 14. She had said before during an interview that she went back to her original sounds with her new album, so it is like a nostalgic throwback to her pop-punk roots.

Avril Lavigne announced that her much-anticipated seventh studio album, ‘Love Sux,’ is now available on various streaming platforms in her recent Twitter post. The album has received favorable reviews from critics so far. They’ve found it more fun and energetic than her emotionally intense previous album. The album has also been praised for its versatility as it includes diverse songs in style.

Here is how Avril Lavigne announced her new album:

“‘Love Sux’ is out now!”

You can check out the tweet and listen to the entire album below.