Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell Details His New House Music Project

Experimenting with different projects is fun. So does Perry Farrell think, who debuted his new underground party series, Heaven After Dark. The Lollapalooza founder and EDM fan Farrell recently spoke to Gray Area and expressed his thoughts on his latest project.

Perry Farrell debuted his house party series Heaven After Dark, which focused on the underground aspect of EDM. The Cuban-American DJ Maceo Plex was the headliner, while Christian Löffler, Jason Bentley, Steven Lira, and Laroc were also a part of this experience. Recently, Farrell joined an interview to reveal the inspiration behind this project.

“I love the effects and results of a great house party,” Perry Farrell said while speaking about what inspired him to come up with this project. “I’m thinking late ’80s, early ’90s house parties. They were also very freeing, happy occasions, a chance for people to get together, sing, and dance.”

He continued, “As things develop in life and people see there’s money involved in it, the character of the occasion starts getting off of its original intention. I mean, everything is always transcending — that’s a good word to use for Heaven After Dark — music is transcendental, and some of the best transcendental music comes from house music. I see house music as a place to get away from the material world; it can be that.”

So, Perry Farrell argues that house music is transcendental as it provides him a place to escape the real world. This is probably why he named the event Heaven After Dark. Farrell’s first version of the event took place in March, but he later decided an underground rave version would be best. Heaven After Dark debuted on December 9 at the LA club Catch One, and it was a night to remember.