How Did Freddie Mercury’s Assistant Paul Prenter Almost Ruin His Life?


The film Bohemian Rapsody mostly serves as a biopic of Freddie Mercury‘s life and Queen’s career but just like every Holywood motion picture, it includes some extra touches to make Mercury’s life seem more dramatic and exciting. One such instance was the representation of the icon’s former lover and manager Paul Prenter.

However, numerous have come forward to say that Prenter’s depiction was not that unfair as he did indeed affect Mercury negatively and had a bad influence on the band. Today, we’ll try to shed some light on whether Paul Prenter was really the villain he’s rumored to be or if he was he just misunderstood.

Who Is Paul Prenter?


Paul Prenter was a radio DJ from Northern Ireland and they met at a bar with Freddie in 1975 and he became the rockstar’s manager in 1977. During that time, it is rumored that they had a sexual relationship and it said that Prenter used this to blackmail Mercury, who hadn’t come out of the closet yet.

Not much was known about their relationship but it was thought to be mainly professional and positive for about five years until 1982. It was suspected that the Queen members didn’t like Prenter as he encouraged Freddie’s crazy lifestyle and the band’s ‘Hot Space‘ album was a breaking point. Neither Roger Taylor nor Brian May was happy with it and they blamed Prenter for the influence he’d had over the sound.

How Did Paul Prenter Betray Freddie Mercury?


Aside from affecting the band’s career, Paul Prenter also betrayed Freddie Mercury on a very personal level. In his ‘Is This the Real Life?: The Untold Story of Queen,’ Mark Blake claims that Freddie and Paul got into a fight after the second organized a big party at the icon’s house and the place got trashed.

This really upset Freddie and after a heated argument, he fired Paul Prenter who told the rockstar that he’s going to get back at him, which is what he did. He sold a story and some photos to a newspaper about Freddie Mercury’s personal life. He went into detail about his lifestyle, claimed he slept with hundreds of men and that two of his former partner passed from AIDS.

This was obviously very hard for Freddie as not only was his private life disclosed to millions of people, but it was done by his former lover, manager, and friend. After this, Prenter came to be known as Freddie’s very own ‘Judas’ and it is rumored that after selling the story, Prenter moved back to Belfast where he died just a couple of months after Freddie’s passing.