Angus Young Explains What He Thinks About Stevie Young, ‘Malcolm Was His Bible’

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young spoke in a recent interview with Goldmine and revealed his thoughts about his nephew and guitarist, Stevie Young.

As you might already know, Stevie joined AC/DC back in 2014 and replaced his uncle Malcolm Young, who had been suffering from dementia. Before that, he also stood in for Malcolm in the live concerts.

In the conversation, Angus mentioned that Malcolm told them Stevie can replace himself easily and touched upon the fact that Stevie grown up in the style of Malcolm.

While Angus was saying that Malcolm was a bible for Stevie, he also stated that Stevie can keep up the way how Malcolm played the riffs and said that Stevie was always on the rhythm side of the guitar.

Here is what Angus Young said:

“He filled in for Malcolm on tour during Malcolm’s heavy alcohol problem. He wanted to get himself contented, so he brought my nephew in, because he had also been playing in bands. He called him in and told us, ‘Stevie can do the job, I know.’ And Stevie had grown up in that style.

He was always into the rhythm side, not the noodling side. Malcolm was his Bible. He would always listen to how Malcolm would form the chords. Malcolm left space between the chords. Sometimes it was what he didn’t play! It always came out so solid. Yet there was also a kind of subtlety to it. Very disciplined… And Stevie can keep up in that way, to be on the ball, on the money.

I couldn’t do it like that. I’d have to ask to be shown again… and again. And I’d still be going, ‘Now, how does that go again? How’d he do that?’ To mouth that note exactly on the money like Stevie does, he’d do the next bit and still get it. It’s very unique.”

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