Angus Young Didn’t Understand Brian Johnson, King X’s Dug Pinnick Recalls

King X frontman Dug Pinnick recently recalled how AC/DC guitarist Angus Young never understood frontman Brian Johnson’s jokes while sitting down with Classic Rock.

The band had the chance to tour with AC/DC in the 90s, so Pinnick recalled how the two acts used to hang out together. He said:

“The band were kind enough to take us out to dinner a couple of times, and we got to hang out with them a little. I remember one time, a couple of the AC/DC guys couldn’t make their sound-check, so me and Jerry [Gaskill, King’s X drummer] did their sound-check with Brian Johnson singing and a couple of their techs. We ended up playing a few old rock’n’roll tunes.”

The singer then also recalled how no one ever could understand Johnson’s jokes, even, apparently, his AC/DC bandmates:

“Brian used to tell a lot of jokes, and I could never understand what he was saying. I’d ask Angus: ‘What did he say?’ And Angus said: ‘Just laugh, we don’t know either.’ There was never a serious word that came out of their mouths.”

Johnson’s humor might not be easy to understand, but apparently, that was no trouble for AC/DC, as you can check out here to read about the firm relationship between the Young brothers and Brian and how they got along very well the ‘moment’ Johnson stepped in to audition for Bon Scott’s place.