Brian Johnson On Joining AC/DC After Losing Their ‘Inspiration’ Bon Scott

AC/DC released the iconic ‘Back in Black,’ only months after losing Bon Scott, but apparently, moving on from Bon’s legacy wasn’t as easy for the band. Brian Johnson recently joined Torg & Elliott to discuss how the band had lost inspiration and what it was like when he was recruited to the act.

It might be expected for bands to take a break after losing a bandmate, but AC/DC seemed, at the time, ready to move on and record another commercial success with the new addition of Brian Johnson. Still, their business-as-usual approach seemed to mask how much the band felt down after losing their lead singer and best friend.

“The thing is, what you have to remember, the boys had lost a best friend, a singer and an inspiration,” emphasized Brian as he recalled the period. “And I’m just in my ottoman, chilling and hoping to be with them forever. You know, here were new people coming in and singing for him. How heartbreaking is that? Every person that came in the door to audition before me, I didn’t meet them, was another reminder Bon wasn’t there.”

The singer then mentioned how the band changed after meeting Johnson. He said, “Something happened when I walked in and sang with them; the smiles were coming back, the confidence. The feel-good fact that you know, and I was just getting swept along, I didn’t know what the hell was happening because we didn’t have the money to stay there [the studio] very long.”

So, even if the band auditioned other vocalists after losing Bon, they had to endure a challenging period since they had lost their good friend. However, when Brian walked in, the band’s smiles and confidence returned as they clicked with one another, and shortly afterward, they recorded a cult record to rock the scene.