Alice Cooper Has Asked Nita Strauss To Contribute On Upcoming Album

In a recent heart-to-heart with Tommy London on SiriusXM’s Hair Nation, Alice Cooper opened up about his upcoming album and the integral role guitarist Nita Strauss played in its creation.

Cooper and Strauss have been entwined musically since she first joined the band in 2014, and their chemistry has only grown stronger over the years. Strauss took a brief detour to tour with Demi Lovato for her ‘Holy Fvck’ tour before returning to the fold for Alice’s latest tour and record.

The Godfather of Shock Rock hinted at the highly anticipated follow-up to the 2021 release ‘Detroit Stories,’ which could potentially be named ‘Road‘ as the tracks are all about being on the road. The album is set to showcase the talents of the entire touring band, including Nita Strauss.

Cooper emphasized the importance of each member’s contributions to the writing process, as he wanted ‘everything done in-house.’ So Strauss not only came in clutch as the guitarist for the guitar-driven rock n’ roll album but also came with lyrics and songs for it.

The rocker’s words about Nita Strauss’ role in the new album follow:

“The album that’s going to be coming out very soon [features] the touring band — [guitarist Ryan] Roxie and [drummer] Glen [Sobel] — you know, all the guys — [guitarist] Tommy [Henriksen] and [bassist] Chuck [Garric] and [guitarist] Nita [Strauss]. I said, ‘I want to show this band off.’ So we did an album in the studio, and very, very, very few overdubs in it, because the band’s so tight. And I wanted them to all do the writing with me.

I said, ‘Everybody, bring in songs because I want everything in-house.’ And [Bob] Ezrin produced it. I mean, it’s a great guitar-driven rock and roll album. I’m very, very proud of this album. And it’s coming. It’ll be out this year.”

As we anticipate the release of Cooper’s forthcoming album, it’s clear that Strauss’s role as a guitarist extends far beyond just performing. Her return to the band and involvement in the album’s writing process seem to highlight the creative synergy and mutual respect between her and the rest of the band. With a guitar-driven sound and collaborative spirit, the upcoming album scheduled to release this year will surely be worth the wait.