Alice Cooper Guitarist On Nita Strauss’ Recent Absence, ‘Read Between The Lines’

Alice Cooper’s guitarist Ryan Roxie recently appeared on Artists On Record for an interview where he discussed the absence of Cooper’s guitarist, Nita Strauss.

Strauss has been working with Alice Cooper since 2014 until she temporarily left the band to work with the pop singer Demi Lovato. After working with Lovato for no longer than a year, Strauss was back in the band but had to miss a few shows in Cooper’s 2023 tour due to illness. Recently, Roxie addressed the guitarist’s illness and claimed to read between the lines amid conversation. The rocker said of Strauss:

“Nita was ill for about five shows; she missed five shows, she was out of the lineup. So it was just me and Tommy [Henriksen.] Dude, it’s 2023; when any concert says, ‘We cancel due to illness,’ read between the lines what illness is. So that’ll put you out for maybe for a week, for two weeks; some bands aren’t able to come back.”

Although Strauss was missing the shows, the band managed to take care of them with the remaining members. Roxie continued:

“We were able to do shows with Tommy and I on guitar, and obviously Glenn on drums, Chuck holding down onto bass, but Alice in particular, he stepped up on those shows. […] So I think it was a testament to him for stepping up the game and really, really entertaining the shows. Those are all kind of small theatre shows that we’re talking about.”

Following the conversation about the shows, Roxie clarified that when Strauss was out, they had to figure out how to arrange the songs to add new solos that were not Strauss’. In addition, the band also did not want to cut the solos, which would mess up the video screens and the song times that were set to be played for a certain amount of time.

After maintaining her career with Lovato for a brief time, she came back to Alice Cooper’s band. Although some fans thought Cooper and Strauss were on bad terms, Strauss clarified that the singer had supported her decision to take a leave and the doors were open if she ever wanted to come back.

Now, the guitarist is back on track and is continuing to tour with the band. You can see the dates here and the recent video below.