Perry Farrell Recalls Exposing David Bowie’s Personal E-Mail Accidentally

Jane’s Addiction vocalist Perry Farrell revealed in a recent conversation with The Howard Stern Show how he accidentally sent David Bowie‘s e-mail to 300 people.

Although Perry Farrell had a chance to be in a close relationship with Bowie, he caused some problems between them. Because the technological innovations had just come, people were not getting much used to the tools and devices, and Perry Farrell was trying to adopt them.

As he revealed in a recent conversation, he once forgot his cellphone in a taxi, and the driver found Bowie’s number. Farrell confessed to Bowie that the caller was not himself after the taxi driver bothered the rocker several times by calling. As he mentioned, David Bowie forgave this situation.

Perry Farrell talked about the time he forgot his phone in a taxi:

“The cab driver took it, and went through it, and saw David Bowie’s name, so he called him up: ‘Yo, David, it’s me!’ The guy kept calling him, and I had to finally say, ‘Listen, man, it wasn’t me; I’m really sorry that this guy is bothering you; I left my phone in the cab.’ So he forgave me, right?”

The vocalist mentioned in the same conversation he was excited to help people who asked about saving a lake one time in the past. However, the internet had just appeared, and he did not know much about mailing people. After Farrell sent the e-mail, he realized that those 300 strangers had received Bowie’s mail address. He stated that he apologized to Bowie because of this incident.

Farrell continued in the same conversation:

“But this was also, at the same time, the beginning of the internet. I didn’t know what a blind ‘CC’ copy was on an email, so these people reached out to me to see if I would help them save this lake, and I got really excited about it, and I got all altruistic like I’m going to help the world here, and I thought, ‘I’m gonna see if David wants to do this too!

So I sent him this thing and said, ‘David, you’ve gotta help me save the fish in Ontario!’ But what I didn’t realize was that there were 300 people on the e-mail chain. So again, all these people started hitting him up, and again, he was like miffed, ‘Perry, what are you doing?’ I said, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing; I’m sorry!'”

You can watch the entire conversation below.