Alice Cooper On Encouraging Nita Strauss To Play With Demi Lovato

While on tour for his new album ‘Road,’ Alice Cooper sat down for an interview with In the middle of a chat about his latest record and band, he commented on the brief hiatus Nita Strauss took for Demi Lovato in 2022. The singer said:

“She was on leave, yeah. [Laughs] But I do that with people. Everybody in my band have got their own bands. They’ve got their own careers going, and I encourage that. You know, Chuck’s [Garric] got Beasto Blanco, and Tommy’s [Henriksen] got Crossbone Skully.”

Explaining the dynamic of his group, he went on:

“They all have their own things, and if it starts happening for them, I say, ‘Go. Go work your show. I can put somebody else in there for a while.’ So, I have a revolving door kind of idea in my band. If somebody has to leave for a year, there’s no hard feelings on that. I mean, that’s just the way we’ve always worked it.”

In a 2022 chat with Loudwire Nights, Strauss revealed that Cooper hugged and supported her when she shared her decision to join Demi Lovato with him. So, when the guitarist recently reflected on her relationship with the vocalist after her exit, she told AXS TV:

“[We’re on] the best of terms, honestly. You know, anybody familiar with Alice and how his band has always been knows that he always encourages people to go out and do different things. He has famously said it on tons of occasions. So, it really wasn’t as dramatic as the internet made it seem. I think I just may have caught him on a slow news week.”

As Nita Strauss returned to Alice Cooper’s band, she also started working on her solo projects. She released her second studio album, ‘The Call of the Void’ in July and supported it with a tour in late spring.