Alice Cooper Announces The One Condition He Would Retire

Alice Cooper once again opened up about retirement.

The rocker had an interview with ‘Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk’ and shared his thoughts about retiring soon. When the chat turned to the said subject, he was asked about the time he can keep on touring before it’s time for him to retire. Cooper, making it clear that it’s not anytime soon, stated:

“It’s all in your head. I really think so. And also if you’re physically well. I would not wanna play Alice Cooper if I didn’t look like Alice, the same way I looked like Alice in the ’70s. I still look like that Alice.”

The rocker then shared the one condition he would consider retiring:

“If I couldn’t sing like Alice, if I lost my interest in it, if I didn’t really love doing it. And the main thing is if nobody shows up. You can go out on tour, and if nobody buys tickets, you’re done. That’s not happened; in fact, it’s kind of doubled for us.”

Cooper confirmed that he is in good shape and could still continue to tour:

“I think people come to see Alice, and they’re expecting to see this relic, and they see the highest-energy show they’ve seen all year. I’ve never been in better shape.”

It seems that his condition for retiring hasn’t changed since he shared the same one in an interview last year. He shared that if no one showed up to his shows anymore, he would retire. He also clarified that the other rockers who decide to retire are ‘probably tired’ and that he is not.

The 75-year-old rocker has answered this question many times, with each time stating that he won’t be retiring soon. Additionally, the singer released his 29th studio album, ‘Road,’ this August. Below, you can listen to the album.