Muse Announces A Simulation Stadium Concert


Muse recently shared a post on their official Instagram page announcing a simulation concert that allows their fans to watch a stadium show through their phones or VR headsets. While the news was exciting for those who want to watch the band perform in the comfort of their home, the majority of fans are upset that Muse hasn’t released the new album.

It’s been almost three years since Muse released a record as their last one was the band’s eighth studio album named ‘Simulation Theory,’ released on November 9, 2018. Although the album received generally mixed reviews, it became the band’s sixth consecutive album to top the UK Albums Chart and found a place as No. 12 on US Billboard 200.

As some of you might recall, lead singer Matt Bellamy announced via a post on his Instagram that the band started working on a new album nearly four months ago. Although it is impossible to put out an album in such a short time, the band also hasn’t revealed any details about the record. Fans seem to be running out of patience and want an update on the band’s music.

Contrary to fans’ expectations, Muse recently shared a post on Instagram announcing a new project regarding their 2018 album. The band teamed up with Stageverse to create a simulation concert named ‘Enter The Simulation’ featuring their album’s cover on their app. These virtual shows will be free for a limited time, and the first simulation was uploaded on the app for the band’s fans.

In the caption of the IG post, Muse wrote:

“Experience Enter The Simulation now. Free for a limited time only. First Simulation: 7 pm EDT today. Swipe up on stories.”

Although seeing the band with such a brilliant project made some fans happy, many were left unsatisfied. In the comments section, numerous fans expressed themselves, saying that Muse needs to release new material rather than clinging to their previous records, which looks like they are repeating themselves.

A fan commented:

“MUSE WTF IS THIS? Just drop the new album already.”

Another asked:

“What about a new song or album?”

The band’s simulation project must be worth seeing considering the fact that nearly everything has been adapted to virtual reality, especially after the pandemic outbreak. Nonetheless, fans seem impatient to hear new music from Muse since their maximum period between two records has been three years up until now, which means they could release one by the end of this year.

You can see the trailer of the simulation below.