Rod Stewart Says He’s Struggling To Make New Album With Ronnie Wood

Rod Stewart expressed difficulties in producing a new album with Ronnie Wood for their band, Faces, in a recent conversation with American Songwriter.

Nearly three years have passed since Stewart and Wood announced their intentions to release new music for Faces, marking the band’s first new material in over half a century. Despite the anticipation, Stewart shared that the process has been challenging, stating:

“I’ve sent a lot of them [songs] to Ronnie Wood. I told him, ‘This is stuff we’ve recorded with my band; maybe The Faces would like to do it instead?’ We’re still struggling to make this album. We’ll see. Some of them might see the light of day.”

Recording And Touring Plans

In 2021, the surviving members of Faces, including Wood, Stewart, and drummer Kenney Jones, revealed they had recorded 14 new songs and were considering an arena tour in the U.S. and UK. Jones noted:

“We’ve done about 14 songs. It’s a mixture of stuff we never released, which is worthy of releasing, and there’s some new stuff, which is really wonderful. Rod is writing the lyrics, and he’s really keen on it.”

The Personal Nature Of Songwriting

Stewart also opened up about the numerous songs he’s written that have yet to see the light of day, saying:

“There are a lot of songs I’ve written that I haven’t put out, and nobody knows about them. My songs are like my children. I gave birth to them, and then I put them out there in the world and see how they do.”

Faces released their fourth and final album, ‘Ooh La La,’ in 1973 and went their separate ways in 1975. Despite this, they’ve managed to perform together occasionally in the years since. Wood’s career notably intertwined with The Rolling Stones, joining them on tour in 1975 before becoming an official member in 1976.