Ted Nugent Claims Kansas Governor Sides With Perverts

Outspoken conservative Ted Nugent has stirred up controversy once again in a recent episode of his The Nightly Nuge show. During the episode, Nugent claimed that the government, specifically Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, sides with perverts in the ongoing debate surrounding transgender rights.

The context of Nugent’s remarks revolves around Governor Kelly’s veto of a bill that sought to restrict access to bathrooms and sports teams based on one’s biological sex. Kansas Senate President Ty Masterson led the charge to override the veto, ultimately succeeding and making the restrictions law.

Speaking about the news on his Nightly Nuge, Nugent expressed his disapproval of those who support transgender rights, saying that the governor sides with perverts by allowing biological men to join biological women in locker rooms and bathrooms. He then went on to salute the recent decision in Kansas as a step in the right direction against ‘the sin of gender mutilation.’

Here is what Ted Nugent said about Ty Masterson’s recent move:

“Well, how about a big giant ‘duh’ that here it is in 2023, and in the United States of America, there exists an argument about whether boys should be able to go into the women’s locker room and into the bathroom, the ultimate manifestation of a suicidal culture. You have got to be kidding me! Anybody with a conscience, anybody with any honesty, anybody with truth, logic, and Common Sense dictating their American dream and quality of life, and real Justice knows that it is cruel.

It is demon. It’s demonic.  It is just sinful to think that a man should be able to join the women in a locker room or a bathroom. And I’m going to tell you, we’re headed in the right direction in Kansas, but that the governor would side with perverts and with the sexualization of children and the sin of gender mutilation that has taken a course across this country.”

He continued:

“So, a salute to some of them in Kansas, but it also proves that there are some really evil, cruel, nasty, and sinful people out there, especially a woman that would support men going into women’s locker rooms and bathrooms. How cruel and how horrible can you possibly be? So, we’re heading in the right direction, but once again, on the Nightly Nuge, We The People, we have to demand this in every state that this argument even exists is absolutely shameful.”

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Nugent has expressed controversial views on transgender people. In a previous tweet, he had denied their existence outright. As debates surrounding transgender rights continue to unfold, it’s clear that Nugent won’t shy away from voicing his strong opinions on the matter.