Nick Cave On Suffering From Tinnitus

Some say lack of inspiration or not being visited by a muse is a curse for an artist, but it sounds like Nick Cave has other challenges. Replying to a fan’s question on his Red Hand Files website, the rock icon detailed his battle with tinnitus in his own unique, poetic manner.

Nick Cave has been using his Red Hand Files newsletter to interact with fans and answer their questions. Recently, one of his fans asked him if he has tinnitus and how he deals with the loud ringing in the ears. As the fan said, they have been dealing with tinnitus for 15 years and described the unpleasant experience as a cricket choir that relentlessly disturbs their quiet house. Upon seeing this, Cave felt the need to respond.

“Dear, sweet tinnitus — the musician’s curse,” wrote Nick Cave, addressing his struggle with tinnitus. “Mine is actually pretty manageable most of the time; it comes and goes and only really kicks off when I am playing live music, which now I come to think of is most of the time. An ear specialist once told me there was not much I could do other than to ‘love my tinnitus’ — and then charged me three hundred quid. But, you know, I don’t love my tinnitus, I don’t love my tinnitus at all; it’s a pain in the arse.”

Cave went on to say, “So, I feel for you, Denise, sitting there in your solitude, with your tinnitus for company. I don’t really have any advice for you other than to say, if it is any consolation, that not only my cricket choir is singing loud and very clear, but Warren’s is too, and Larry’s and Colin’s, and Wendy’s and Janet’s and T Jae’s — all our dreary crickets singing their moronic and endless serenade back to you, you wonderful, tortured person, in your quiet but noisy house in New York City.”

So, it appears like Nick Cave is among those who struggle with ringing in his ears — and he recently claimed it’s a curse for musicians. He then admitted that he has been dealing with tinnitus for a long time. Apparently, he still hasn’t learned to live with it, as tinnitus is a painful experience for him, especially on stage.