Josh Homme Once Told QOTSA That He’ll Leave The Band Under One Condition

Josh Homme discussed the significance of QOTSA’s 2013 album, ‘…Like Clockwork,’ in a recent chat with Dean Delray and, admitted he once told the band he’d leave if their darker musical direction failed.

Despite the band’s widespread recognition for their 2002 album ‘Songs for the Deaf,’ Homme holds a special affinity for ‘…Like Clockwork,’ considering it a more accurate reflection of the band and himself. Reflecting on the album’s creation, the singer recalled how he prepared his bandmates for potential failure, admitting:

“I remember saying to the guys that I was so convinced that it was a mistake [laughs]. I mean, it wasn’t gonna change anything, but I was just like, ‘I just want to say, before it comes out, I’m really sorry, and if we end up having to just headline The Troubadour again, you won’t see me anymore.’ I just kind of apologized to the band [laughs].”

He added the following about his thoughts on the record:

“I was adamant that it would be the end. And, in fact, it was the exact opposite of that.”

Triumph Over Adversity

Contrary to Homme’s apprehensions, ‘…Like Clockwork’ achieved remarkable success, becoming QOTSA’s first album to top the US charts. The project was influenced by Homme’s personal challenges, including a near-death experience and mental health struggles.

The band’s collaborative spirit shone through this period, with members rallying around Homme to reignite his passion for music. The rocker spoke to The Skinny about this period in a 2013 interview, saying:

“I was hoping that playing the first record would really inspire me and make me fall in love with music again, but I think I was just lost, looking for something in the dark. In that dark, I found this record.”

‘…Like Clockwork’ not only represented a sonic departure from the band’s previous work but also a significant achievement in their discography. Besides its commercial success, the record was also nominated for three Grammy Awards, including Best Rock Album.

Listen to the singer’s full interview below.