Alex Turner’s Punk Inspiration That Brought Arctic Monkeys’ Breakthrough

Once a famous punk poet can lose his appeal over the course of the years and other musicians, become more popular by the day. However, this doesn’t mean they have lost their creativity or their music no longer makes people feel. It just means they need someone, in this case, a British rock band, to remind the audience how good their work is and show them the potential that feathered away.

John Cooper Clarke had initially become famous during the punk era in the late 1970s and went on to release several albums and his work in the following years. Over the years, the musician was forgotten until Arctic Monkeys decided to do a cover of one of his poems.

Alex Turner, singer, bassist, and maestro of the Arctic Monkeys, decided to, after forming a relationship with Clarke and becoming friends, work on his poem ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ from his 1982 album ‘Zip Style Method.’ Once a poem, thanks to an adaptation and not to mention novel lyrics written by lead singer Turner became a track in the British rock band’s 2013 album ‘AM.’

The poem explains the love of one person for another. It uses metaphors around various domestic equipment like a vacuum cleaner to showcase that feeling and not to mention the additions by Alex that perfectly complemented the overall meaning of the final rendition of the song.

After releasing the new version of the track, it became a massive hit. It brought on so many new eyes not only on the Arctic Monkeys but also Clarke, as people who knew of him were reminiscing while most others were discovering him as an artist and a poet for the first time. It had become and still very much so is a hit that the poet even shared to NME his love and admiration for the Arctic Monkeys and even thanked them for reintroducing him and the poem to the British public.

John Cooper Clarke’s words about the Arctic Monkeys’ read,

“I love the Arctic Monkeys. I love every album they’ve come up with so far; they’re utterly different from the one that preceded it. It’s a great thing.”

I can’t thank those guys enough for covering that one [I Wanna Be Yours] because it was already one of the great favorites from my repertoire!”

He added:

“You can’t buy that kind of love, and I can’t thank the Arctic Monkeys enough for reintroducing the British public to that uncharacteristically romantic number.”

Making a punk track and especially working on a poem and making it the version everyone loves today has become a wedding song, and even some people’s wedding vows are primarily thanks to Alex’s vision for the track. His idea turned reality allowed the band to not only breakthrough in the industry but remain a class act ever since then, as it’s still one of the most listened-to tracks on the band’s Spotify list, which also alludes to the fact that it became a timeless track for generations to come.