Guns N’ Roses Release AI-Generated Video But Fans Hate It

Guns N’ Roses’ recent release of an AI-generated music video for ‘The General,’ despite an inviting Instagram announcement, has met with less than enthusiastic reception from fans.

The band announced the song with the following caption:

“Let’s go for a F’N’ ride. ‘The General,’ out now!”

Fan Reactions To The Band’s New Effort

Guns N’ Roses have taken a modern approach with ‘The General,’ a track they released in December 2023. However, most fans have expressed disappointment. One comment said:

“The same band that made the most expensive video (‘November Rain’/’Estranged’) today are using AI to create a lazy video. This song is so powerful and the lyrics are really serious, but the video makes the song sounds like nothing and the message is gone. What’s the problem of the band on recording a nice video for the fans? Or at least something cool like ‘Perhaps,’ well, at least the band tried something.”

Another fan noted again with a negative response:

“AI music video. Probably the most un-rock n’ roll thing ever.”

One other comment added, criticizing Axl Rose’s vocals:

“Axl trying to hide the fact he sounds like Mickey Mouse.”

A fan remarked, seeing the move to AI-generated art as a betrayal to the art community:

“Along with being a huge let down of a reveal, this video sucks, using AI art? Really? For a band I’ve seen promoting and supporting young artists, this is actually so crappy. AI art is seen as a risk for a lot of artists and a huge middle finger to the art world.”

The controversial video intertwines animated narrative elements with live performance footage, showing animated versions of the band members. The storyline follows a young boy confronting his dark childhood memories, merging fantasy and reality.

The Making Of ‘The General’

The video was a collaborative effort between Guns N’ Roses and Dan Potter, the creative director of the London-based Creative Works studio. The project aimed to blend the creativity of human designers with AI technology, drawing inspiration directly from the band.

‘The General’ made its live debut at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on November 2, 2023, with Rose introducing it as a new and potentially interesting addition to their repertoire. The track, alongside ‘Perhaps,’ was also released on 7-inch vinyl, both songs being re-recorded versions of unreleased demos from the ‘Chinese Democracy’ sessions featuring Slash and Duff McKagan, who rejoined the band in 2016.

You can see the band’s post here and watch the video below.