Adam Lambert Criticizes The United States For Vilifying George Michael

Adam Lambert recently gave an interview with MTV UK about the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community over the years. At one point, he focused on the artists from the community and mentioned his thoughts about the fuss that took place in the United States when George Michael came out as gay. He recalled:

“When I was in high school as a teenager, the one artist I remember that was identifying as gay was George Michael. But the whole way in which we found out about his sexuality was so dramatic, and looking back on it was not fair to George.”

The singer explained what bothered him about the incident:

“He was sort of framed and trapped, if you will, and outed against his will. So, it was a big scandal, and, in many ways, it put the brakes on like a big part of his career in the United States.”

Looking back on how people reacted to Michael’s coming out, he noted:

“So, I think, unfortunately, back then, that was considered sort of a joke within pop culture, and that made me sad because the idea of being gay was sort of a negative in talking about George. That’s how society was sort of gossiping about it.”

Lambert shared what he thought about the way the singer took care of the backlash and added:

“In hindsight, looking back, I actually think he dealt with it really well. He took it in stride and was like, ‘So?’ He was very upfront about it, and he even ended up writing music after that (‘Outside’). That was sort of a response to it, and it was cheeky and kind of kitsch. He was playing with it and having fun with it. So, looking back now, I’m really impressed with how he handled things.”

Talking about how things changed for the LGBTQ+ community, the vocalist also said:

“I am always very excited and maybe a little envious of the generation that’s coming up now. Given that, there are so many resources out there on social media. You can connect and see other people that identify as you do. We have a lot of entertainment that reflects it, even in music. Finally, we have a lot of queer artists. It’s a really great time to be queer.”

As one of the said queer artists, Adam Lambert took part in some projects for the community throughout the years. In the past few months, he recorded Sylvester’s ‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)’ and gave a live performance for the London Pride on July 1.

A little while before his show, the Queen vocalist mentioned his experiences as a gay artist during an interview with This Morning. He explained:

“For me, being a gay man in, you know, media has been a really interesting journey. One that I’m really grateful for, and I think that over the past decade or so, you’ve seen, like, a big shift in acceptance and visibility and all these things. You know, people understand it more now. They’re less scared of it. I think it’s nice to be a part of the force that helps people open their minds.”

Lambert also shared his views on the recent pushback against the community on different platforms. He criticized the laws limiting drag performances in the US and said visibility was important for them on Twitter last month.