6 New Songs Released This Week That You Need To Hear

You might get the desire to move beyond your usual playlists and discover some good new music every once in a while, and if you’re surrounded by those feelings again, well, now’s your chance to peek through six of the latest releases on the market and see what you might find interesting.

First things first, let’s start the list with the latest rap release, brought to you by Los Angeles producer Kenny Segal and New York rapper billy woods. The duo’s collab is taking place for their joint record, ‘Maps,’ which will be out on May 5. The song, ‘FaceTime,’ also features Future Island singer Samuel T. Herrings and might be worth checking out if you’re craving some easing sound complimented by chilling rapping.

The next honorary on the list comes from Water From Your Eyes, as the duo has shared a new piece from their upcoming album, ‘Everyone’s Crushed.’ The song, ‘True Life,’ was supposed to feature some Neil Young lyrics over the bridge, though the rock icon’s lawyers weren’t as keen to let the act use Young’s lyrics. Still, the pair calls the track a ‘Neil-inspired quasi-nu metal stomp,’ and if you’re interested in what that would sound like, let’s just have a listen.

Moving onto number three, Brooklyn-based band Crumb has shared their first piece since releasing the album, ‘Melt,’ two years ago, and the new track, ‘Crushxd,’ was produced in collaboration with Jonathan Rado and Johnscott Sanford. However, dropping their latest song wasn’t the only recent news involving Crumb, as they also announced a new U.S. tour.

The only act that made a comeback to the scene isn’t Crumb, as Speedy Ortiz also signaled that they were on their way to dropping new songs again by recently releasing ‘Scabs,’ their first piece in six years. So, if you’re a fan, that’s undoubtedly good news for you, and if you’re not a fan, well, you can easily become one by discovering what they have to offer with their latest piece.

King Krule is another band who released a new single after waiting for a while to figure out which creative direction they want to take, and their latest track, ‘Seaforth,’ promises its listener a lovely music video featuring cute dogs and a signal that their latest album is on its way.

Last but not least, we have a track from a familiar name for any committed Radiohead fan, as guitarist Jonny Greenwood recently released a new solo album with Israeli rocker Dudu Tassa. ‘Ashufak Shay’ is the duo’s lead single from their joint LP, featuring Lebanese vocalist Rashid Al Najjar. So, if you’re wondering what Greenwood might sound like with some Eastern mystic sound, you can check it out below.

So, hopefully, we’ve had help you find the next song you might add to your playlist and, perhaps, become a fan of it for a long while. This list featured six songs we encouraged you to check out, and from some chilling rapping to Eastern mysticism, anyone might find something for themselves.