ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Pays Respect To Eric Clapton And Cream In His Latest Album, ‘Hardware’


In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, ZZ Top lead vocalist and guitarist Billy Gibbons talked about the creation process of his latest solo album, ‘Hardware’ and revealed the fact that he was inspired by Eric Clapton’s band, Cream’s famous song in one of his tracks of the album.

After the release of ZZ Top’s 15th studio album, ‘La Futura’ on September 10, 2012, the band didn’t share any details about the new album of the band. Although in his previous interview, the band’s bassist, Dusty Hill stated that there was a chance for the upcoming album, the band hasn’t shared any updates about the possibility of the new album.

Apart from his successful career in ZZ Top, Gibbons’ professional solo career was also appreciated by his fans a lot. He released his third solo studio album entitled ‘Hardware’ on June 4, 2021. A short time after its release, the album got very positive comments. In his recent interview, Gibbons revealed that he gave a reference to Eric Clapton’s band, Cream’s cryptic song, ‘SWLABR.’

The song was an acronym of ‘She Walks Like a Bearded Rainbow.‘ He mentioned that he spent a lot of time figuring out the actual name of the song, ‘SWLABR.’ Therefore, like Eric Clapton, Gibbons revealed that he also created an acronym in one of his tracks in ‘Hardware.’ In ‘S-G-L-M-B-B-R’ the fans should decode the name which was hidden by Gibbons.

Here’s what Billy Gibbons stated:

“Some tracks on Hardware can be easily decoded, but in others, like the cryptic ‘S-G-L-M-B-B-R.’ When Eric Clapton joined Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker to form the illustrious trio called Cream, they had a song that had a similar acronym. I’ll let the listeners try and piece together the phraseology within those letters. It took me a while to take a stab at Cream. I’ll leave it at that.”

You can listen to the songs below.

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