Sammy Hagar Says Dave Cobb Was The Fifth Beatle In The Circle


Sammy Hagar stressed in his recent tweet that working with the producer Dave Cobb for the upcoming album ‘Crazy Times’ by the Circle was like having a ‘fifth Beatle’ in the band as they achieved great musical chemistry.

Along with his Chickenfoot projects, Hagar has also focused on his creations with Sammy Hagar and the Circle featuring Michael Anthony, the guitarist Vic Johnson, and drummer Jason Bonham. In 2019, he released the debut album ‘Space Between,’ which became Hagar’s second highest charting record, entering the US Billboard 200 at number 4.

Throughout the COVID-19 restrictions, the band used that time for creating new materials, and ‘Lockdown 2020’ came out. Later, they conveyed that the next record ‘Crazy Times’ would meet the fans on digital platforms on September 30, 2022. The band collaborated with the producer Dave Cobb, known for his works with names like Chris Stapleton and Brandi Carlile.

The Circle released the title track, in which Hagar mentioned that he expressed his feelings about the ‘crazy times’ we went through due to the pandemic. In the previous days, the Red Rocker announced that the music video for the band’s next single, ‘Funky Feng Shui,‘ had come out.

In a recent tweet, Hagar opened up about collaborating with the producer Dave Cobb on this album, stating he became ‘the fifth Beatle’ in the band. He noted that the producer suddenly requested them to make a song during a warmup session, and they went with it. As he revealed, Cobb played with them in every piece, and he became a new member of the band throughout this process.

Sammy Hagar said the following about collaborating with Dave Cobb:

“Working with Dave Cobb on this record was like having a fifth guy in the band. Praise the ‘The fifth Beatle,’ you know? Dave Cobb was the fifth Beatle. He joined the band; played every song with us. We played live; I sang live. For instance, in the song ‘Crazy Times,’ there was a riff that I had backstage that I was playing with Jason and Mikey, just warming up.

We were just jamming up. Cobb was like, ‘Let’s make a song out of it!’ I’m going, ‘Okay.’ We just wrote the song together, the whole band, him. I go home; I write the lyrics at night, come back the next day, and we cut it. Boom! There was a lot of that on this new record ‘Crazy Times.'”

You can check out the tweet below.