Gene Simmons Addresses Joining Dave Grohl On Stage During Foo Fighters’ Show


During a recent interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal, KISS bassist Gene Simmons recalled the time he joined a Foo Fighters concert in Las Vegas after Dave Grohl’s invitation. The Demon also revealed what he realized during his appearance on Las Vegas residency while talking about the canceled KISS shows.

KISS’ End of the Road World Tour started on January 31, 2019, at Rogers Arena, in Vancouver and the concerts were supposed to continue in 2020, but most of them were canceled because of the pandemic outbreak. Finally, after a long wait, KISS went back on stage on August 18, 2021, in Mansfield.

However, some concerts had to be postponed or canceled once again after both Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons tested positive for COVID-19 even though they stated they were following every safety protocol in their shows. Fortunately, they fully recovered because they had been vaccinated against the virus.

However, KISS was accused of not following government restrictions and regulations after their longtime guitar tech Fran Stueber passed away in October. The band denied the accusations and emphasized that they couldn’t prevent all the risks, although they followed all safety protocols.

Then, KISS decided to cancel their shows in Las Vegas, which would start on December 29, 2021, and end on February 5, 2022, due to their concerns about COVID-19. In his recent conversation, Gene Simmons stated that they thought about going back to Vegas soon, but he realized that the area is already full of artists; thus, it would be best to wait for a while.

That was when Dave Grohl invited Gene to the stage during the Foo Fighters concert on December 4, 2021, in Las Vegas. The band’s guitarist Chris Shiflett started playing riffs from ‘Calling Dr. Love’ while Grohl was presenting Simmons. The bassist didn’t forget to tip the frontman before he left the stage, and you can check out the funny moment in the video below.

Simmons shared his ideas, saying:

“Our original plan was to come in just before New Year’s, but it was just too busy. When I came into town and joined my friend Dave Grohl onstage, that same night you could see George Strait at T-Mobile Arena, literally across the street. You go down the street and you can see many more artists. I mean, it’s packed.

There are more artists per square inch in a city that never sleeps than anyplace on the planet. In a year, maybe half a year. With all due respect to all the other artists who are terrific, and who are great and iconic, we’d rather wait for the traffic to die down and bring the best show on Earth, period.”

You can watch the video below.