Paul Stanley Bids Farewell To His Late Guitar Tech

KISS frontman Paul Stanley recently shared a post announcing that his longtime guitar tech Fran Stueber passed away due to COVID-19. After the heartbreaking news, famous radio personality Eddie Trunk expressed his concerns regarding the ongoing KISS tour as an artist already canceled a show due to Stueber’s passing.

For those of you who may not know, Fran Stueber had worked with KISS and Paul Stanley for their tours and shows since 2002. The tech even showed up on stage when the band performed for the U.S. Army as it appeared on an episode of the ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels.’

Not only did Stueber work with KISS members, but he was also behind the scenes for several other artists such as Heart, the Offspring, and Reo Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin. After years of working with numerous rock stars, the successful guitar tech, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 52 due to the novel coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated like the rest of the KISS crew members.

The devastating announcement was made by Paul Stanely himself via a post on his official Twitter. The singer shared a picture with his longtime friend and co-worker of 20 years and expressed how much Fran Stueber meant to him and his family. It appears that Stanley is incredibly sorry for his loss as he stated that he feels numb after the news.

In his tweet, Stanley penned:

“My dear friend, buddy, and guitar tech for 20 years, Fran Stueber died yesterday suddenly of Covid. Both on and offstage I depended on him for so much. My family loved him as did I. He was so proud of his wife and 3 boys as they were of him. I’m numb.”

After the heartbreaking announcement, famous radio host and music historian Eddie Trunk shared a message on his official Twitter account. According to his statement, the passing of KISS’ guitar tech may cause major consequences for the future of the band’s tour.

The main reason behind this is that he passed away suddenly despite being fully vaccinated, which may raise the concerns of the rest of their crew and band members. To prove his point, Trunk gave a piece of important information to the fans, revealing that an artist already canceled a tour after hearing about the passing of Stueber.

According to his post, Trunk said:

“The passing of Fran Steuber on road with KISS could have major ramifications for future touring/events if he passed that quickly from Covid & was vaxed. I already heard from 1 artist tonight announcing a tour cancellation tomorrow in light of the news. RIP Fran.”

You can see the tweets below.