Zakk Wylde Shares How Ozzy Osbourne Made Him Laugh At The Hospital, ‘You Are Not Dead Yet’

Former Black Sabbath guitarist and founder of Black Label Society, Zakk Wylde, revealed his opinion about Ozzy Osbourne during a recent appearance on Guitar World.

As you might already know, Zakk joined Black Sabbath after the passing of Randy Rhoads, and he decided to leave the band for pursuing his solo project. In 2017, he joined Ozzy Osbourne’s band for the live shows.

In the conversation, Zakk talked about his relationship with the legendary singer and showed how a funny person Ozzy is by sharing a funny story he had with Ozzy when the singer was in the hospital.

Zakk visited Ozzy after he injured his neck and saw lots of flowers in his room. After Zakk asked about the flowers, Ozzy said that he doesn’t know who they are from but they shouldn’t like him much because all the cards were reminding him that he is not dead yet.

Here is what Zakk Wylde said:

“Ozzy is still hilarious. I remember when he messed his neck up and I went to visit him at the hospital. He had all these flowers in his room and I asked who they were from.

And he goes, ‘I don’t know, but all the cards said, ‘You’re not dead yet’… whoever they’re from, they must not like me too much!’ I was in tears. He’s always been hilarious. We were having a blast with the shows, he was singing great every night.

So yeah, he’s working hard, getting all his power lifts, deadlifts, benches, and squats up to the same amazing numbers they were before he hurt himself.”

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