Justin Hawkins Likens Supergrass’ Gaz Coombes’ Style To David Bowie

In the new episode of his YouTube series, Justin Hawkins Rides Again, the Darkness lead singer Justin Hawkins discussed Gaz Coombes‘ singing style and David Bowie’s possible influence on it.

Gaz Coombes made his first appearance on the music scene at a very young age as the lead vocalist of the Jennifers. After the modest success they achieved, they soon disbanded. Later, the singer formed Supergrass along with Danny Goffey and Mick Quinn. Until they split in 2010, the band released six studio albums, each of them hitting the UK top 20 charts.

Supergrass reunited in 2019 and performed together on various occasions. Besides his tenure in the two bands, Gaz Coombes also embarked on a solo career with his 2012 debut record, ‘Here Come the Bombs.’ Besides having his roots in Britpop, the musician is also known for his eclectic singing style carrying influences from art rock, indie, and blues.

In a recent video, Justin Hawkins also referred to Coombes’ varied style and spotted the influences in his vocals. The Darkness singer said that Coombes’ singing resembles the techniques of Steve Marriott, Kevin Rowland, and David Bowie. However, despite all these influences and similarities, Hawkins thinks Gaz Coombes is a unique and distinctive singer.

Justin Hawkins’ words on Gaz Coombes:

“There is a huge amount of affectation in Gaz Coombes’ voice, but it makes it so English and charming and unique as well. I’m a bit loath to try to compare his singing to anybody else, but sometimes I hear a little bit of Steve Marriott, sometimes I hear a little bit of Kevin Rowland from Dexys Midnight Runners, and sometimes I hear a bit of Bowie. There are all sorts going on there, but the main meat of it is a really beautiful sort of gritty timbre that’s all Gaz. I think he is a unique and recognizable English vocalist.”

You can watch the video below.