Yngwie Malmsteen Shares The Main Reason He Doesn’t Play Blues

Yngwie Malmsteen recently posted a video on his official Youtube channel in which he gave some guitar-playing tips to the young players. He also talked about the change of his playing direction and said that he went away from blues because he didn’t want to be trapped in it.

There is no doubt that Yngwie Malmsteen has a distinctive style of guitar playing, which makes it hard to compare him with anyone. His style is highly inspired by classical era artists like Vivaldi, Bach, and Mozart. Besides that, he has also been influenced by the playing styles of Jimi Hendrix and Ritchie Blackmore. Thus, he blends all his influences and brings a totally new sound out of them.

As a very creative and successful guitarist, he doesn’t hesitate to share his experiences with the younger guitar players. Malmsteen has been very active on his Youtube channel for a while. He shares many videos on how to play guitar in a better way, and he also frequently answer the fans’ most asked questions.

In his recent video, he touched upon his playing style and explained that he always tries to challenge himself by incorporating different elements into his playing. He doesn’t want to have a monotonic sound, so he wants to get out of that. Malmsteen stated that he loved the blues but still went away from it because he felt trapped. He had to step out of it to develop himself, so it was the essential direction to go.

Yngwie Malmsteen speaking on the direction of his guitar playing:

“The whole reason I play the way I play is because I wanted to go away from this guitar player playing this and as everybody listened to him, and they do their way of doing that and by like on it goes. I wanted to challenge myself mainly by trying to play some crazy stuff that was done in violin, which is a different instrument.

The main reason as much I love the blues, the main reason I went away from it was because I felt that was boxed in, and I wanted to break out of that, so that was the natural progression for me to do then.”

You can watch the full video below.