Journey’s Neal Schon On His Decision To Leave Social Media


Journey guitarist Neal Schon recently joined People Magazine for an interview and revealed what motivated him to stop using social media platforms.

Marketing, business, politics, and the music industry depends on social media use in today’s world. As a result, artists need to give importance to social media platforms and their representations to promote themselves better. Although many use social media experts to handle this, others take care of this business independently.

Without the proper use of social media, it’s almost impossible for an artist to rise in prominence, connect with their fans, or make attention-grabbing announcements. However, social media has some negative aspects: trolls, toxic people, and scammers lurking around on these platforms.

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Neal Schon revealed that he decided to stop using his social media accounts. He then said he felt overwhelmed by social media, but this was a temporary move. Moreover, Schon stated that there are so many scams on the internet, and he got tired of imposters and cleaning up after them.

After that, Schon revealed one incident which motivated his decision. The guitarist said his cousin wrote him to ask whether he had asked him for money. According to Schon, some scammer mirrored his social media account and tried to con his cousin. So, he now believes this got out of hand, and it’s best to stop using these platforms for a while.

Speaking to People, Neal Schon elaborated on his decision to leave social media:

“I’m not saying it’s going to stay like that. It’s just become too much for me to keep up with. There are so many scams. I shut down imposters every day when I was on there, and I just got so tired. I’d look at my phone at the end of the day and go, ‘How many hours did I spend on here trying to clean up stuff?'”

He then continued:

“A cousin of mine wrote me and said, ‘Neil, did you ask me for $500 because I was going to give it to you, and I was really worried. What’s going on?’ They completely mirrored my image and everything and looked exactly like me. It’s just too out of hand. It’s gotten so crazy. The world is so crazy. And social media is just something I don’t want to know about right now, you know, it’s too messy.”

In October 2021, Paramore’s Hayley Williams also announced that she would delete all her social media accounts. Her motive was to keep a boundary between a public and a private life. Though Williams returned to using her Instagram account in April 2022, many musicians decided to shut their accounts for good for the same reasons.