Tony Levin Says Former Genesis Singer Peter Gabriel Invented Genres

Tony Levin recently spoke about the former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel and stated that he invented new genres by wandering off to world music. He further noted that Genesis’ music differed when he was the singer.

Genesis was formed in 1967, and its initial lineup consisted of Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins, and Steve Hackett. As Gabriel was present in six albums the band created until 1974, he contributed to its initial success. He left the group in 1975 and continued his career by switching up genres and focusing on world music.

The singer later released nine studio albums and launched a successful solo career, becoming one of the pioneers of international music. He was acclaimed by receiving Grammys and many other awards for his music and is known for being one of the most innovative musicians. After being a member of Genesis, he directed his solo career towards experimenting.

Hence, Tony Levin recently talked about Gabriel in an interview and pointed out how his style had changed drastically. The bassist stated that he invented genres, indicating his experiments with other genres like the world and African music. He analyzed Genesis’ first albums and concluded that Gabriel’s Genesis was very different, and the first two albums were diverse from each other.

Here is what Levin stated about Gabriel:

“If you follow Peter Gabriel’s career, the style has changed drastically, not on every record but on most records. So, he’s invented genres, and he’s gone world music, and he’s been African, and the early Genesis stuff is so different than that. In the early Peter Gabriel, the first albums, maybe the first two albums were different than each other but also different than what had been before.”

You can watch the full interview below.