Yngwie Malmsteen On How He Has Never Had A Terrible Show


Yngwie Malmsteen revealed whether he has ever performed an unsatisfying concert during his recent interview with Guitar World. The famous guitarist stated that he has always had a plan in mind for this type of situation.

Malmsteen discovered his talent and life purpose early, and he almost always knew he was destined to create and play music. His first step towards a professional music career coincided with his arrival in the USA. The guitarist played in two famous heavy metal bands, Steeler and Alcatrazz but couldn’t stay for a long time due to personal and creative differences.

The guitar player released his debut solo studio album ‘Rising Force’ in 1984, and the success was followed by more than twenty records, almost all of which hit the charts worldwide. Along with these works, Malmsteen proved his talent with live shows and world tours for years. Therefore, the reporter recently asked whether there was a terrible concert he could never forget; the guitarist highlighted that he never let that happen.

The musician stated that he has been skilled enough to eliminate any crisis that might occur on stage throughout his journey in the music industry. He added that if something went wrong, he would draw people’s attention to another thing to save the shows, which is why Malmsteen has never had a terrible show. According to Yngwie, the performances are in his hands, and he shouldn’t lose control.

Malmsteen shared his ideas, saying:

“I’ve always had the ability to bounce back from almost anything. I have what they call ‘tennis memory,’ so if something starts going wrong, whether it’s my fault or not, I’ll just turn around and go, ‘Well, f*ckin’ watch this!’ and will do something outrageous to make everything better.

For the last 30 years or more, I’ve never allowed myself a bad show. It’s always in my hands, so if I allow myself to let it slip and go out of control, it’s my fault, and I will go off stage feeling shitty.”

You can listen to Yngwie Malmsteen’s latest record through Spotify below.