Dave Grohl Says ‘It’s Hard Not To Feel Like Julius Caesar’ As He Describes His Feelings About Singing ‘All My Life’

Foo Fighters’ lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Grohl opened up about how he feels while performing the band’s monumental song, ‘All My Life’ during an interview with Q on CBC, apparently, Grohl feels like Julius Caesar every time he performs that track in front of a huge crowd singing along with him.

As many of you know, ‘All My Life’ was released as the first single from Foo Fighter‘s fourth studio album, ‘One by One’ on September 24, 2002. The song was a huge success as it won a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance, and spent ten straight weeks at number 1 on the Alternative Songs chart.

Many Foo Fighter fans’ favorite song to sing along in the band’s live performance is ‘All My Life’ since it’s also the favorite track of the band according to many critics and fans. Therefore, the song must be also the band’s favorite song to perform.

During a recent interview, Dave Grohl opened up about how he feels while performing ‘All My Life’ in live shows and revealed that it’s always insane, beautiful, and incredible at the same time since thousands of people scream and sing together, thus, it’s impossible for Grohl to not feel like Julies Ceasar in front to that many people while they all are jamming to his song.

Here is what Grohl said:

“It’s insane, I mean, it’s crazy. It’s like this crazy, cathartic primal scream therapy kind of thing, where everyone’s just going together, it’s like an army, but there’s no war. It’s amazing, it’s beautiful, it’s incredible. There was a time when I broke my leg once, but I didn’t want to stop touring, so I had this chair that looked like this rock and roll like laser throne, it was insane, and so every night they would literally carry me, put me on the throne, the curtain comes up, and I’m sitting there conducting a stadium from this chair.

It was hard not to feel like Julius Caesar, there were times I was like ‘be careful, okay, go back to the hotel, order a pizza and go to sleep’, but ultimately, it is that connection that I do take into consideration, but I don’t necessarily consider it an obligation. I don’t consider it a responsibility, but I do, of course, wish that I’m able to connect with the listener in a way that we could both share a song.”

You can click here to see the source and listen to ‘All My Life’ below.