Slash Recalls Playing In Front Of Jimmy Page And Brian May

The iconic guitarist Slash recently recalled having to perform on stage with Velvet Revolver in front of two other iconic guitarists, Brian May and Jimmy Page. He described the experience as a time he would never forget on HardDrive Radio.

Mainly known as a member of Guns N’ Roses, Slash also made a name for himself with his successful solo career. After his first stint with Guns N’ Roses between 1985-1996, he focused on his solo projects. In 2002, he formed Velvet Revolver, and they gained great fame until 2008. However, it looks like he couldn’t stay away from Axl Rose since he returned to GN’R in 2016 and is currently performing with the band.

He is known as one of the best guitarists in the world, and he is known even among those who aren’t familiar with rock and roll music, at least for his signature top hat and iconic Godfather solo. However, even the 56-year-old guitarist’s nerves tend to wreck while meeting people who he looks up to. Recently he talked about meeting Brian May and Jimmy Page during a gig.

The GN’R guitarist recalled performing with Velvet Revolver, and one night, both Jimmy Page and Brian May came to watch. He described the presence of the two guitarists as nerve-wracking, and seeing them before the show was not a good idea. However, this became an unforgettable memory for the guitarist.

Here is what he said about meeting Brian May and Jimmy Page on the day of the show:

“I can remember one very specific gig with Velvet Revolver in London when Jimmy Page and Brian May both showed up. That was a little nerve-wracking. I saw them before the show, which made it worse. I had to say hi and all that kind of stuff. Once you get out there, you sort of forget, but I’ll never forget the feeling of knowing that those guys were in the audience for the whole show.”

You can watch his interview below.