Wolfgang Van Halen Made His Fans Concerned About His Health Status


Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen made a recent joke in an Instagram post, which concerned his fans about his current health status.

Wolfgang Van Halen is a multitalented musician who started playing the bass for Van Halen in 2006. However, the band declared their disbandment in 2020, after Eddie Van Halen’s death. Following that, the musician decided to pursue his own career path and formed the band Mammoth WVH.

Apart from being a talented musician, Wolfgang Van Halen is also known for his wit and sharp tongue. He does not hesitate to use this sharp tongue on social media to slam internet trolls. Although Wolfgang claims he is not a d*ck but a nice person, he has ruthlessly slammed the people criticizing him on Twitter. Recently, the musician played a prank on his fans and most of them fell into the trap.

In a recent Instagram post, Wolfgang Van Halen posted a photo in which he flips his hair with a bitter expression. Wolfgang said in the caption that he got hit with a frying pan during the Mammoth WVH show in Chicago. Upon seeing the caption and the photo, most of his fans believed him and got worried about his current status. However, the musician revealed that it was just a joke, and he would be in a hospital if that really happened.

Wolfgang Van Halen’s Instagram post read:

“Got hit with a frying pan halfway through the Mammoth WVH show in Chicago…”

One of his followers then commented:

“So sorry, hope you are ok! Prayers and love.”

Another one added:

“He’s got to be kidding… right?”

Wolfgang then revealed that it was a joke in a comment:

“You guys, it’s just a hair flip. If someone hit me with a frying pan, I’d be in the hospital.”

You can check out the picture Wolfgang posted below.

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Van Halen – Instagram
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