Ace Frehley: ‘I Never Got Praise From Gene And Paul’

Former Kiss rocker Ace Frehley thinks Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons underplayed him.

In a new interview with Premier Guitar, Frehley talked about the earlier days of his career and how they used to record back in his days. When asked whether or not his bandmates would be there during his recording session, he reminisced about his bandmates and said:

“Even when I did really great solos, I really never got praise from Paul and Gene. They always underplayed my abilities. I can’t remember one recording session where I did and amazing solo and they ran out and said, ‘That’s amazing, it’s great!’ It was always, ‘Okay, that’s the one. Good take.'”

The Feud Never Ends

Known to have long-lasting feuds, the trio have publicly criticized one another throughout their career. Still, on Stanley’s birthday, Frehley shared a public message for his ‘one and only’ former bandmate.

Though Frehley went on to celebrate Stanley’s birthday on his social media accounts, during an interview, he voiced criticism regarding Stanley’s singing skills and shared his bewilderment at not receiving an invitation to KISS’s recent concert at Madison Square Garden.

Frehley was also displeased with Stanley’s comments on the Howard Stern Show, where Stanley ridiculed the notion of Ace and Peter Criss playing with the band again. Furthermore, the musician asserted that Paul was envious of his musical success and expressed uncertainty about how Stanley would react to his latest solo album, ‘10,000 Volts.’

So it’s still unclear whether or not the bandmates would make up soon.

You can see the interview below.