Wolfgang Van Halen Expresses Determination To Continue Eddie Van Halen’s Legacy

Celebrity brands are common in the industry, and more often than not, some artists place their names on the product and sell it to their fans without giving it any second thought. On the other hand, some musicians like Eddie Van Halen are involved in every little decision, from the initial idea of a product to its final rendition when it’s ready for fans to buy and experience.

For Eddie’s son Wolf Van Halen and his business partner Matt Bruck, the legacy of the brand EVH is more important than anything else. Bruck had worked with Eddie as his guitar tech and business partner for many years. So, Wolf and Matt know Eddie’s vision for the brand better than anyone else. Here’s what the duo shared with Guitar World about their journey of continuing the brand and its legacy after Eddie’s passing.

“Matt is a little too humble,” Wolfgang exclaimed to point out the crucial role Matt has played in the brand’s success since its inception and after his father’s passing. “I don’t know if people are aware of just how important and integral Matt has been to the company since its inception. He was always there with my dad, working with him, half-and-half the whole time, collaborating and helping make everything f*cking work.”

The Mammoth WVH frontman added, “If Matt won’t tell you how important he is, I will. That’s why the brand is still doing as well as it is, in continuation of my dad’s vision, and how we see things moving forward. We’re here to preserve that legacy and keep it going as well as it’s always been and more.”

The duo explained that they always try to return to Eddie’s roots and what he represents when they curate a product. Wolfgang described their process, saying, “We always look at things like a bullet-pointed list. The top-tier item is, ‘Is this authentic to Dad’s legacy and what he strived for?’”

Bruck noted that they would do anything to carry on the legacy of the guitar legend, sharing, “It’s a special blessing beyond words because it is Ed’s baby and because of the people involved. Wolf and I will do anything to defend the integrity, authenticity, quality, innovation, and everything anyone has come to know and appreciate about this brand. We are hell-bent on maintaining that. It’s our duty to be faithful custodians of EVH.”

Wolfgang Van Halen finally shared his future plans for the brand, and revealed, “It’s much more than defending and preserving EVH. It’s also our duty to push things further, cementing a legacy that’s already been cemented 15 times over.”

Even though Wolf decided to go on his own way by forming Mammoth WVH and disbanding Van Halen, he’s done his absolute best by trying to protect, preserve and push forward his father’s legacy with the EVH brand alongside Matt Bruck. If you’ve been wondering about the brand, it’s doing just fine.