The Secret Singer Who Refused AC/DC’s Offer To Replace Bon Scott


Marc Storace of Krokus had a recent conversation with Andrew Dicecco of ‘Vinyl Writer Music’ and recalled the day he had to turn down the offer he received from AC/DC to replace the legend, Bon Scott.

You might know that Bon Scott achieved great fame as the late guitarist and lyricist of the Australian-based band AC/DC and he’s still considered as one of the most talented heavy metal vocalists of all time. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 33 due to alcohol poisoning.

During his latest conversation with Vinyl Writer Music, the Krokus frontman was asked whether it’s true that AC/DC offered him to join the band right after Scott passed away, which was the same year he released his debut album with Krokus. Marc admitted that he did receive that offer but refused it because he was so happy with the way things were going with his own band.

An interviewer asked:

“You drew interest from the AC/DC camp regarding the vacancy, but was their interest sparked by your contributions to TEA and buzz surrounding the Rainbow audition, or had Metal Rendez-vous already made waves by that point.”

Marc shared the story saying:

“No, I don’t think that. I think it’s from the Metal Rendez-vous album because that made shockwaves all over Europe and across the big pond, to the USA and Canada. But I was only one of many who probably were asked to audition. I turned it down because I was happy like a pig in shit with the way things were going with Krokus.

You know, I had been trying this, that, and the other, and so, when things start to work you don’t want to let go and put someone else’s shoes on. There’s risk involved; AC/DC was bigger than Krokus, but Krokus was going places and I thought, ‘Well, we’re gonna go far.’ I felt like I was sitting high on my horse and we were going places. I didn’t wanna take any risks.

I was familiar with the Swiss mentality through my years with TEA, so I felt at home working with the Swiss guys. They were like my new brothers and we had our first big success, and I didn’t wanna spoil it this time.”

In the same interview, Storace also talked about the creative process behind the band’s songwriting. The Krokus star admitted that in the beginning, all the songs of the band were written beforehand, and he was just allowed to make little improvisations. After releasing the first album, he worked on ‘Burning Bones’ and wrote lyrics for the band which helped him feel acceptance and gain confidence.