Wolfgang Says He Doesn’t Want To Be Successful With ‘Van Halen Sh-t’

Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen posted a tweet to answer a fan’s question about the ongoing argument between Wolf and Van Halen fans. In the tweet, he stated that he won’t use Van Halen songs to be more famous.

As you probably know, Van Halen disbanded after the band’s founder Eddie Van Halen passed away because of a stroke on October 6, 2020, after battling cancer for a very long time. Van Halen fans were devastated by the news and wanted the remaining members to continue to play together.

However, his son and the band’s bassist, Wolf Van Halen, clearly said that they can’t go on without Eddie. Following that, he founded his own band Mammoth WVH to continue to make musical efforts. However, the fans kept asking Wolf to use Van Halen songs in his setlist, but he refused these offers constantly.

Due to that reason, Van Halen fans heavily criticized Wolf on their social media accounts because he uses the Van Halen (VH) name in his band and is not carrying his family’s legacy. Wolf responded to these claims in a recent tweet stating Van Halen is his last name. He then added that he prefers to be an unknown musician rather than being popular with Van Halen classics.

A fan’s question read:

“So why get pissed off then when people ask if you’re gonna play VH songs live? Wouldn’t that also be nodding to your family history? Stop being such a f’cking baby!”

Wolf responded:

“There’s a pretty big difference between the nod to the family history with the band name, and filling a Mammoth set with VH tunes. I’d rather bomb with my own shit than succeed with VH shit. I swear some of y’all are so eager to hate me you forget to use your damn brains.”

You can check out the tweets below.