Wolf Van Halen Says Mammoth WVH Won’t Be Able To Continue With The Young Guns Tour


Mammoth WVH frontman Wolfgang Van Halen recently shared a post on his official Twitter page, announcing news regarding his tour with Dirty Honey. He revealed that the band members tested positive for Covid, so they canceled the remaining dates until further notice.

Dirty Honey and Mammoth WVH were on their Young Guns tour that began in February and was planned to end in April. The two bands’ fans were excited about promoting their new self-titled albums, which Dirty Honey released in June 2021 and Mammoth WVH in April 2021. They also introduced themselves as the new, upcoming bands in the modern rock and roll world.

The tour initially got postponed to February from January because of the pandemic. Even though they managed to start their tour in February, the tour’s upcoming April dates had to be canceled for now because of Covid again, and Wolf Van Halen announced it on his official Twitter account with details.

Wolf Van Halen was in Las Vegas for the Grammys and had returned to meet up with his band and continue their tour. They all got tested for covid to recreate the initial bubble of no-virus. Even though Wolf tested negative, the other band members were positive, and continuing to tour was out of the question. Wolf stated that his heart was breaking as only six shows remained but that they would do their best to make it up by rescheduling the April dates to some other time.

Here is what he shared on Twitter:

“After an incredible weekend in Las Vegas with my family for the Grammys, I flew back yesterday to meet up with my band and crew in North Carolina to continue the Young Guns tour.

This morning as everyone took Covid tests to re-establish the bubble that has served us on the tour, we came to find that members of our band and crew who didn’t travel with me were positive. I have tested negative via rapid and PCR tests for the last five days in preparation for the Grammys and still continue to do so.

With only six shows left on the tour, it breaks my heart that we, unfortunately, won’t be able to continue. Mammoth WVH will do our very best to make up the dates that we missed to the fans in those markets in the future.”

You can see the tweet below.