Wolf Van Halen Responds To The ‘Immature Harassment’ He Faced After Eddie Van Halen’s Passing

Wolfgang Van Halen recently expressed his reaction to the people insensitively harassing him since his father Eddie Van Halen’s passing two years ago.

As the guitarist, keyboardist, and primary songwriter of Van Halen since 1972, Eddie Van Halen left many significant works to the rock scene. Unfortunately, the musician was struggling with several health issues. As his ex-wife Valeria Bertinelli shared, he battled lung cancer in his latest days. Ultimately, the rock legend passed away due to a stroke on October 6, 2020, at 65.

His fellow musicians like Sammy Hagar, Tony Iommi, and Geezer Butler paid tribute to him primarily via social media. However, the fans started to question if there would be a tribute concert for the legendary musician. During this process, the eyes were mainly on Eddie’s son Wolf Van Halen.

Wolfgang shared in a previous interview with Rolling Stone that it was a complicated process for him to organize a tribute. He revealed that they attempted to plan the concert, but some people created difficulties during that period, which he said he didn’t feel like talking about anymore.

However, the questions about the tribute have not stopped. Recently, the talk show host Eddie Trunk reacted to not seeing a tribute concert for Eddie while mentioning how Taylor Hawkins’ was amazing. Wolfgang would also be a part of this tribute concert, as he announced on Instagram in the previous months.

The rocker could not pass without responding to this tweet and called this kind of passive-aggressive attitudes ‘immature harassment’ by pointing out his hardships in collecting himself following his father’s passing. He added that he was tired of these kind of questions as he had already given an explanation for it.

Wolf Van Halen wrote in his tweet:

“It’s not my job to help you people deal with my dad dying. If I can even begin to try and collect myself during all the immature harassment from these types of passive-aggressive arguments and insults for the past two years, then you can figure it out too. I’m just so done.”

The musician’s following tweet referred to his previous interview with Rolling Stone. He indicated that he could not understand how people read this article and figured a tribute concert would certainly take place. The rocker added that people interpret things the way they want to instead of understanding the real issue.

Wolfgang continued by mentioning his Rolling Stone interview:

“It just blows my mind that so many people would read this article and walk away with the thought, ‘Oh cool, so the tribute is gonna happen!’ People really only do what they want to see, I guess.”

You can check out the tweets below.