Wolf Van Halen Reacts To Fans Twisting Eddie Van Halen’s Words

Wolf Van Halen recently took to his Twitter to address the pictures of his father, Eddie Van Halen, shared by the fans and reacted to the quotes seen in these pictures that have nothing to do with Eddie’s own words.

Especially after their death, many essential artists are paid tribute with their famous quotes on social media. Some fans also write these quotes on their favorite musician’s pictures and share them with others. In most cases, these quotes belong to the owner, but sometimes, they are far from being the truth.

Recently, Wolfgang Van Halen came across a picture of his father, Eddie Van Halen, with a misleading quote: ‘I like real music. You know, the kind of music that actually takes talent.’ He then shared the picture on his Twitter and ridiculed its owner by implying they are a boomer who just figured out how to use photoshop.

Wolf shared the real thing Eddie Van Halen said. In his following tweet, he said that Eddie Van Halen once stated that a musical work is good if it sounds good, which contradicts the quote in the picture. Wolf then continued to use his sharp tongue, saying they should post that quote with an image of Abraham Lincoln.

After seeing Wolf’s tweets, one of his followers joined him by sharing another picture of Eddie Van Halen that is photoshopped poorly. The quote on the paper Eddie holds in the picture says, ‘I will always be with you… Just push play.’ In his tweet, the fan described this picture as the worst one he has seen in this category.

Wolfgang then saw this tweet and said this is Eddie’s most widely posted picture. He revealed that Eddie doesn’t even hold anything in that picture and heavily criticized those who make such pictures after someone’s passing. In his following tweet, Wolf stated he is used to being insulted, but he doesn’t understand how people can be so ignorant.

Sharing a picture of Eddie Van Halen with a quote on it, Wolf Van Halen tweeted the following:

“This emanates ‘Boomer who hates rap figured out how to use photoshop’ energy.”

He then continued in another tweet:

“One thing Pop did say was ‘If it sounds good, it is good,’ which kinda contradicts this stupid one. Post that with a picture of Abraham Lincoln while you’re at it, shitheads.”

Upon seeing that, one of his fans shared a similar picture and said:

“Sorry, Wolf, but this one is easily the worst thing I’ve seen in that category.”

Wolf then responded:

“This is the most widely posted one and also the most egregious example. He’s not even f*cking holding anything in the picture. F*ck everyone who makes shit like this after someone passes.”

In another tweet, Wolf said:

“I’ve found that people who insult me and say awful shit don’t bother me. I’m used to it. It says way more about them.

What gets me is people just being so stupid. Reading something that can’t be any clearer and not taking in any information whatsoever. Honestly, it’s impressive.”

You can check out the tweets below.