Wolf Van Halen Reacts To Criticism Over Using Van Halen’s Name In His Band

Mammoth WVH’s founder Wolfgang Van Halen responded to his haters once again about using the ‘Van Halen’ name in his own band through Twitter.

After Wolf’s father, Eddie Van Halen, passed away due to a stroke last year, Wolfgang announced Van Halen’s disbandment and his decision to continue making music with his band, ‘Mammoth WVH.’ However, the musician has been receiving many hateful comments on social media since his announcement, but he has not kept silent.

A Twitter user recently criticized him for using the Van Halen name within Mammoth WVH. In his response, Wolfgang pointed out that Van Halen is also his name, and he has the right to use it. Also, he noted that people are purposely boiling things up without a proper reason, which is what makes him so angry.

Furthermore, Wolfgang reminded all of his followers that he promised not to perform any Van Halen songs. The young musician added that he would never ‘replace’ his father and continue the band, insinuating that this would be immoral.

Wolfgang Van Halen responded to using Van Halen name in Mammoth WVH:

“Last I checked, it was my fuckin’ name. It’s this dumb shit where people pull things out of context and boil shit down in dumb ways so they can be mad at me that pisses me off.”

He then added:

“I’ve never had resistance against VH fans. All I’ve ever said is: 1.) You’ll never hear VH at a Mammoth show 2.) I’ll never ‘replace’ my father in VH and continue the band. But you all just keep finding new reasons to hate me daily. It’s fucking exhausting.”

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