Tim Commerford Says Rage Against The Machine Members Are All Better Musicians Than They’ve Ever Been

Rage Against The Machine bass guitarist Tim Commerford talked about the recent appearance opportunities and the current status of the band by speaking in a recent interview with TooFab.

Following the coronavirus outbreak, most of the band forced to postpone or cancel their tours and shows last year, and they are all still waiting to get back into the normal days.

Rage Against The Machine was one of the bands who had to postpone their events, and according to Tim, they were going to do something special if the events didn’t get canceled.

While mentioning the fact that they were doing the things they have never done before, Tim also stated that they have never been this good before in their career and showed that they are still improving as a band.

Here is what Tim Commerford said:

“It was already gonna be something really special. Without getting into it, we were doing things that we had never done before, and we’re all better musicians than we’ve ever been before, so the music was all time, and it was just exciting.

It was gonna be a really great new version, a new exciting version of Rage, you know? Plus, we were on tour with Run The Jewels, and they put their record out, and it was the biggest hip-hop record of the year. So it was gonna be a really great tour. And I’ve got my fingers crossed that the world will fix itself.”

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