Wolf Van Halen Names The Band He Asked Eddie Van Halen’s Permission To Join

Former Van Halen bassist Wolf Van Halen revealed the band that invited him to join their tour while he was still a Van Halen member during his latest interview with 95.5 KLOS. Wolf shared what his father and Van Halen founder, Eddie Van Halen said about the band and their invitation.

Tremonti released their debut studio album entitled ‘All I Was’ on July 17, 2012, and the album received very positive reviews from their fans and music critics. Also, Brian Marshall joined the band as the touring bassist even though Eric Friedman served as the bassist for the album. Then the band started to perform their first shows but they needed another touring bassist to replace Marshall without unveiling the reason behind it.

Wolf Van Halen, on the other hand, replaced Michael Anthony in 2006. He was actually working with Van Halen when Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist, Mark Tremonti asked him to join Tremonti for their live performances in 2012. Therefore Wolf thought that he should ask his father Eddie’s opinion whether it was a good idea to join Tremonti on their tour.

In a recent interview, the young musician recalled these times saying that he was in New Jersey to hang out and jam with his friends from Sevendust while they were recording their ninth studio album named ‘Black Out the Sun.’ Then, he received a phone call from Mark Tremonti asking Wolf to join his band for their tour. Wolf stated that he later called his dad Eddie and asked his permission to work with Tremonti. Apparently, Eddie thought it would be a good experience for his son as he supported his decision to tour with Tremonti.

Wolf added that he had listened to Tremonti’s ‘All I Was’ but he didn’t know how to play it so Mark Tremonti taught him all the songs in one night to prepare the concert. Moreover, Van Halen was officially recruited as the band’s new bassist in 2013 and continued to play in both bands.

The host’s question read:

“I known when you went out with Tremonti, you had to learn a ton of songs pretty quickly. Tell me about that.”

Wolf shared his thoughts saying:

“That was a funny thing. I was hanging out in New Jersey with my friends from Sevendust while they were recording ‘Black Out the Sun’ and I got a call from Mark Tremonti. They didn’t have a bass player and heard that I was in New Jersey and they were in New York. He asked ‘Hey, do you wanna come on tour?’ I hanged up and called my dad and I was like ‘Hey pop, is it cool if I do this?’ He was like ‘Yeah, go do it. It will be a good time.’

So I did and hopped into a friend’s pickup truck, loaded all my stuff in the back. Then I think I showed up at their practice space in New York at like midnight. We played through the whole set. I had listened to the album but I didn’t know how to play any of it. So Mark just sat there and taught me everything. I did the best I could.”

You can check out the interview below.