Wolf Van Halen Says He Learned All Tremonti Songs Overnight

Wolfgang Van Halen gave an interview to Classic Rock around a week ago and talked about how he managed to learn an entire concert setlist in one night. He was asked to join a band for their tour as a favor, but he had to start performing the next day.

Wolfgang Van Halen and his musical career with Mammoth WVH have proven that rock is not dead more and more each day. His determination to strip away from his reputation as Van Halen’s bassist and become a multi-instrumental musician on his own has given hope for the future of rock and roll. In February, Mammoth WVH will begin The Young Guns Tour along with Dirty Honey.

Wolfgang is not only continuing the rock and roll legacy as a young musician, but he is also helping the younger rock bands if needed. In his recent interview, he stated that he had to learn an entire Tremonti setlist because they needed a bassist to perform on their tour starting the next day. Wolfgang drove up to them to New York and began touring with them.

Tremonti was formed in 2011 by Mark Tremonti, who was also the guitarist of Creed and Alter Bridge, initially as a solo project. However, later it transformed into a band, and the tour Wolfgang had to join to urgently fill in for a missing bassist was in 2012. In 2013, he joined the band as a full-time member, giving a break to Van Halen, and took part in the band’s 2015 and 2016 albums Cauterize and Dust.

Here is what the interviewer asked recently:

“Is it true that you learned the entire Tremonti setlist the night before joining their tour?”

Here is what Wolfgang replied:

“Yes! I happened to have been in New Jersey with my friends in Sevendust, where they were recording [2013 album] ‘Black Out The Sun,’ I was just hanging out with them, and I happened to have some of my bass equipment with me because we were just jamming and stuff. And it was late one night that I got a call from Mark Tremonti. He was like: ‘Hey, man, I heard you were in town. We need a bass player. Do you think you could come by?’

And sure enough, I loaded my stuff in a pickup and got there forty-five minutes later in New York, and I learned the whole set, and we started touring the next day!”

You can watch a 2012 Tremonti show with Wolfgang below.