Wolf Van Halen Addresses Releasing New VH Songs By Teaming Up With Gary Cherone


Wolfgang Van Halen responded to a fan’s comment on his Instagram after they asked him to partner with former Van Halen bassist Gary Cherone to work on the previously unreleased songs of the band.

Formed in 1972, Van Halen was a prominent rock band known for their talented guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Between 1974 and 1985, the band consisted of Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and Michael Anthony. However, in 1985, Roth was replaced by Sammy Hagar. Van Halen then entered a successful period, but Hagar decided to leave the band in 1996.

After his department, former Extreme frontman Gary Cherone replaced the Red Rocker. In 2003, Hagar reunited, and Eddie’s son Wolfgang joined the band as Anthony’s replacement in 2006. However, after Eddie’s death in 2020, Van Halen left the music scene. After his father’s death and Van Halen’s disbandment, Wolfgang decided to follow his own career path.

Wolf founded his solo project Mammoth WVH where he performs all instruments and vocals. He then released a self-titled debut album with the band on June 11, 2021. Although he tries to take his own place in the music scene, fans often ask the musician to perform Van Halen’s songs. As it appears, those requests make Wolfgang feel quite uncomfortable.

In a recent Instagram story, Wolfgang Van Halen posted a fan’s comment, which he thought was exhausting. In the comment, the fan asked him to collaborate with Gary Cherone to finish producing Van Halen’s unreleased songs. Moreover, the fan added that his fans would love it, and it would be a good tribute to his father.

Wolfgang then replied to the comment, saying it’s a great idea to finish an album he has nothing to do with instead of focusing on his own music. He also stated that it’s incredible that people try to decide what he should do next.

As seen in Wolfgang’s Instagram story, the fan’s comment read:

“Wolf, cool cat. Please partner with Gary Cherone to finish producing the unreleased songs they recorded for the follow-up album to ‘Van Halen III.’ The fans would love to hear it, and it would be a really cool tribute to your Pop, don’t you think?”

Wolfgang then responded:

“For fuck’s sake dude. Yeah, that’s a great idea. I should go finish an album I had nothing to do with instead of continuing to work on my own stuff. I love it when people decide how I should be living my life, it’s awesome.”

Below, you can check out the Instagram story Wolfgang recently posted below.

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Van Halen – Instagram Story