Sebastian Bach Gets An Ex-Wife Stalker And Offers Prize To The Person Who Identifies Her

Skid Row’s former frontman Sebastian Bach shared a message on his Twitter account to ask for his followers’ help as he recently started receiving a lot of messages from a woman named Lavina who claims to be his legally estranged wife and that he destroyed her life because he was pressured to do so by Scientologists.

Sebastian Bach achieved worldwide fame in the ’80s, and in specific after he was hired as the lead vocalist of Skid Row. Even though he was fired from the band in 1996 due to increasing tensions between him and the other band members, the rockstar has remained in the music industry with both his solo career and his numerous side projects.

The rock world has come across a series of paternity suits and allegations but there hadn’t been any about Bach. However, it seems like this is about to change, as a woman who says her name is Lavina has been posting some tweets claiming that she was a ballerina who got married to Bach in 1986 and that he was instructed by Scientologists ‘to rob and erase her.’

It seems like Bach also came across these tweets, one of which he actually reposted on his Twitter account. From the looks of it, Bach hasn’t been able to figure out who this ‘nut job’ is and he posted one of her tweets on his account and told his fans that he’ll send them a free Cameo if they manage to find out who this is.

A stalker warned Bach by saying:

“Sebastian, you would cry if you heard what was said and you knew how peers wrongly presented you to my former friends and all they said to me too. Took it all away-we never existed. Lavina x.”

Sebastian Bach asked for his followers’ help by sharing this message:

“Free Cameo to anyone who can give me real info on who this nut job is.”

The woman claiming to be Bach’s former wife claimed that:

“Former ballerina and Sebastian Bach, Skid Row’s legal 1986 estranged wife Lavina is to file charges and divorce Sebastian who told her he was forced by Scientologists to rob and erase her. Lavina said Sebastian was ultra-violent, jealous, and top-women in Scientology controlled him.”

You can check out both Bach’s and Lavina’s tweets below.