Wolf Van Halen Addresses Eddie’s Favorite Album Of All Time, ‘It’s Hard To Listen To It Now’

Wolfgang Van Halen recently gave an interview to Classic Rock in which he revealed his father Eddie Van Halen’s favorite album, which is still hard for him to listen.

After the tragic passing of Eddie Van Halen on October 6, 2020, Wolf Van Halen firmly stated Van Halen couldn’t move on without him. So, he embarked on a solo career with his band Mammoth WVH. However, some of his fans have expected him to be like his father, play Van Halen songs, and honor Eddie’s legacy through VH.

Tired of all of these criticisms, Wolfgang often responds to them with his sarcastic and bitter remarks, using his witty sense of humor. Trying to turn a deaf ear to these comments, the musician concentrates on making his own music, keeping his father Eddie’s legacy alive, and mourning his passing in his own way.

In Mammoth WVH’s self-titled debut, Wolfgang wrote each of the songs and played every instrument for the tracks. Among the songs which appeared on the album, the first release, ‘Distance,’ was dedicated to Eddie Van Halen and his role in Wolf’s life. Still experiencing grief over his father’s passing, Wolfgang tries to make his father proud with his music today.

Citing Eddie Van Halen as one of his greatest influences, Wolfgang likes to share the moments he spent with his father on the internet. In an interview with Classic Rock, the musician also remembered the time Eddie gave him headphones and opened Peter Gabriel’s ‘Red Rain’ from his favorite album of the musician, ‘So.’ Moreover, Wolfgang revealed the song is still hard to listen to, but that album shows Gabriel at his finest.

Here’s what Wolfgang said Eddie’s favorite album ‘So’ in the Classic Rock interview:

“This is one of my favorite albums because it was one of my father’s favorite albums of all time. I’ll never forget him coming up to me one night with these huge headphones and going, ‘Wolf, put this one.’ And he put the headphones on my head and cranked the first song ‘Red Rain.’

The soundscape of it is incredible – everybody should do that at least once in their life, put an amazing pair of headphones on and crank ‘Red Rain.’  It’s very hard to listen to now my father is gone, but that album front to back is Peter Gabriel at his finest. He’s such a fantastic songwriter. Nobody has that voice and nobody ever will. You just marvel at it: ‘F*ck, that’s awesome.'”

Below, you can listen to Peter Gabriel’s ‘Red Rain.’