Wolf Says He Made A Choice To Not Sound Directly Like Van Halen


Former Van Halen bassist and current Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen opened up about his father, late guitarist Eddie Van Halen during a recent interview with Billboard and stated that he intentionally stayed away from sounding like Van Halen and his father in order to avoid being boring.

After the disbandment of Van Halen due to the loss of Eddie Van Halen at the age of 65 on October 6, 2020, Wolfgang Van Halen formed his own solo band Mammoth WVH with whom he released successful singles such as ‘You’re to Blame,’ ‘Distance,’ ‘Don’t Back Down,’ and many more from his upcoming self-titled debut album which is going to be released on June 11. Starting off strong with his post Van Halen career, it was recently revealed that Mammoth WVH is going to be the opening act for the upcoming summer tour of Guns N’ Roses which is one of the biggest proof that Wolf’s career is going higher.

Since the day that Wolfgang Van Halen started his music career as a solo musician, he received a major amount of criticism and comparison to his former band Van Halen as well as his legendary father Eddie Van Halen in every possible aspect as well as being faced with countless judgment over his music and personal behavior including his response to the fans’ statements on social media accounts.

During a recent interview, Mammoth WVH founder opened up about his father’s legacy and how proud he is to have Eddie Van Halen as his father, however, stressed the fact that he made sure that his music as a solo musician stands out significantly different than Van Halen’s music in order to not become a replica of his father since it would be boring in addition to giving an excuse to those fans who are so eager to judge his music anyway.

Here is what Wolfgang said during an interview with Billboard:

“I definitely made a choice to not sound directly like Van Halen. I just think that would be boring if I was a carbon copy of my dad.”

There’s no doubt that Wolfgang Van Halen paved his own way with Mammoth WVH when it comes to expressing and conveying his own music, apart from Van Halen and proved this to his fans who are now supporting the talented musician because of his respectable work and standing tall against the haters online and defending himself regardless of the hate he most likely will receive.