William DuVall On Alice In Chains’ Plans To Record New Studio Album


William DuVall mentioned that Alice In Chains has been planning to create a new album while talking about his music career in a recent interview with OverDrive.

Alice In Chains has a unique style reflecting grunge using heavy metal elements. By the time grunge gained popularity in the 1990s, Alice In Chains had achieved a worldwide reputation. The albums called ‘Facelift,’ ‘Dirt,’ and ‘Alice In Chains’ made them successful in that era.

The band’s latest album ‘Rainier Fog’ came out in August 2018. ‘The One You Know,’ ‘So Far Under,’ and ‘Never Fade’ were the singles from the album. On the Billboard 200 chart, ‘Rainier Fog’ debuted at number 12. The band won the Best Alternative Metal Album of Metal Storm Award with this record in 2018. ‘Rainier Fog’ was also nominated for Best Rock Album at the Grammys in 2019.

Besides the band’s music career, the members continued their solo works. William DuVall has been working on his solo career since 2019. He released his solo debut album named ‘One Alone’ in October 2019. The lead single ‘Til The Light Guides Me Home’ and the second one ‘White Hot’ were released before the album.

Besides all these, the band faced difficulties with their schedules because of the pandemic, as the other artists did. In a recent interview, William DuVall mentioned that all band members deal with their work since the lockdown has just ended. As he said, he and Jerry Cantrell have been working on their solo careers.

The frontman explained that the band had been recently trying to reorganize the events they could not do because of the pandemic before. According to DuVall, when they complete all these events, the members will have new inspirations for the upcoming album.

DuVall explained in his words:

“Right now, we’re just coming out of the lockdowns, and we’ve all been busy doing our own thing. Jerry Cantrell is out on tour at the moment for his solo album, and I’m doing my thing. We have plans for some live shows in September/October, and I’m sure that will blow off the cobwebs, and we’ll start looking at some new ideas for the next AIC album.

We had a lot of time imposed on us, and I think we’re going through this period of catching up on things that we had planned for 2020/2021, and we’re all finally getting to do that now. So, it’s kind of like a stop-gap, and we’re just dealing with all of these stock-pilled projects that we had planned a few years back, so once we get back up to speed with things, and we get these dates underway in late Summer, I’m sure it will spark a whole bunch of ideas for the next Alice In Chains studio album.”

You can listen to Alice in Chains’ latest album below.