Ted Nugent Reacts To Billie Joe Armstrong Renouncing His American Citizenship

Ted Nugent reacted to Billie Joe Armstong renouncing his American citizenship because of the recent abortion decision in his recent The Nightly Nuge video. The rocker indicated that Armstrong was exaggerating, saying he had lost his soul.

The United States of America was shaken by the news of the Supreme Court deciding to give the states the freedom to choose whether abortion should be legal. This decision will cause the conservative states to ban abortion under challenging circumstances, and the people of the States considered this as a fallback for women’s rights.

Many people have opinions on this subject, but mainly letting male citizens and leaders decide and criticize the subject has been an enormous controversy. This health issue turned into a political matter long ago, and one of the male contributors to this is the Conservative Party supporter Ted Nugent. He supported the Supreme Court’s decision and criticized Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong for opposing it and reacting to the decision by renouncing his citizenship.

Billie Joe had stated in the UK show that he doesn’t want to be a part of American society if this is where it has come to regarding women’s rights. He outburst in a concert in the UK, noted that he would be returning there, and called the US ‘miserable.’ Ted Nugent reacted by saying that the left is exaggerating and that the Green Day vocalist is very talented but ‘lost his soul’ recently.

Here are Nugent’s words:

“And I’ve gotta tell ya, the word ‘cruelty’ from the left. I’ve witnessed some artists out there, like Billie Armstrong of Green Day, he’s incredibly talented, but he’s just lost his soul. Pink, an incredibly talented, work-ethic artist, screams and attacks people who choose not to have an abortion.”

About his stance on the abortion ban, the rocker said:

“By the way, as you and I speak right now, if anybody wants an abortion in America, guess what, they can get one. It’s not banning abortions; it’s bringing it back to constitutionality and common sense. And again, there are medical concerns. Can you imagine trying to make the decision where you have a choice to save the mother or the baby? Well, that is a spiritual moment between you and God and your health professional and the husband and the wife or at least the mother and the father.

So, I am, and my family believes that abortion should be legal, it should be safe, and it should be rare. But don’t send me the bill because I don’t subscribe to murdering this innocent baby. Science has proven that it feels pain when you kill it in the womb. This issue is just volatile. So the Supreme Court did a good job.”

You can watch Nugent’s video below.